Shock’d Dead – Let’s Talk About the Game as a Whole

There is a contest on The Game Crafter called the Word Up Challenge, in which designers such as myself are tasked with creating a… WORD game!

My contest entry is a 1-player game called Shock’d Dead.

Shock’d Dead takes place within my Deadverse, which is a connected universe of standalone games that have select mix-n-matchable components for increased variety and replayability.

In this particular game, my protagonist (a three-armed anti-hero named Bobby Butcher) took a groupie home after a book signing, only to learn said groupie was actually an evil, electric elemental creature hellbent on torturing him!!!

Lol I know. Say whaaaat? Look, the thing is, for the past decade I’ve created books for kids, so my grittier creative side has been itching to get out. These games are all twisted fun and full of dark humor, so if that’s your thing too, then buckle up!

Anywho, this creature has captured Butcher. At the start of the game, Butcher is tied up and moments away from being electrocuted. His (the player’s) goal is to chit-chat with the creature by stringing together words to form reasonably coherent sentences in order to distract it long enough to pick the lock on the chains around your wrists to free yourself before you’re SHOCK’D DEAD!

Don’t fret, I’ll go over the gameplay in more detail in upcoming posts, but for now, just know I’m extremely excited!

Surprisingly, despite my writing background, I’m not much of a word game fan. Still, I’m well underway in what will be my third contest entry and I’m super excited to share it so pop on over and have a look.

My first contest attempt (Pirate X) crashed and burned. Despite it being a collection of 10 pirate-themed games, I botched the landing page (the page that gets people excited enough to buy it) and it quickly fizzled out of the contest.

My second attempt (Bar Brawl), had a MUCH better landing page, though it still came up far short of what it needed to be. Worse, this time around I spent all my time illustrating the landing page and skimped on the gameplay… 🤦🏽‍♂️ It did make it passed the first round, however, so that’s improvement!

This game, my third attempt, will be much better. This time around, I intend to correct the shortcomings of my previous two entries. The game itself is closer to being finished, as is the landing page. I have videos, GIFs, and pretty much everything I need. As they say, the third times the charm!

Click here to check out my game and the contest.

This is what the box looks like when it’s opened up.

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