In the beginning, this game was supposed to be quick and simple for me to create. I was going to simply take all the zombies from DEAD END, add them to this game, then slap some movement markers on their cards. It made sense. After all, this game takes place DURING that game, but it’s played from the perspective of a different person. And it would have saved me tons of time!

Ultimately, I went away from that plan. I felt it’d be lazy, and that I’d be cheating you out of content, which is never something that I want to do or to be known for.

But, I also didn’t want to redraw allllll of those characters, nor did I want to draw a generic batch, because the appeal of the originals is how goofy they are. Take a look at this one, for example.

My solution, was to change the perspective of the cards to a top-down view. Even though I had to teach myself to draw from this angle, it’s been soooo much easier and quicker. They’re still generic zombies, but the appeal from this angle is seeing them spread out across your table, like a true cluster of zombies blocking your path to safety.

Here’s an early prototype.

As of now, my cards look like the image below. Keep in mind, there will be 25 of them lined up in a 5×5 grid, so it’ll look more visually striking to see them grouped together. The shaded sides indicate Blind Spots (I’ll go into those details in a later post), and the colors you see on the Enemy cards are movement markers. Basically, when a Movement card is flipped, it’ll reveal certain colors. Any enemy card with that color will move in the direction of its marker. Simple and mindless, just like the zombies!

Note: The eyeball icons are being removed.

If you’re interested in this game, check out my upcoming Kickstarter. And as always, feel free to like, share and comment. 🙂

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