Dead End – Let’s Talk About What It Is

Dead End is the game that started my Deadverse. Dead End is the game that I’m most excited about. It’s the game that I have always wanted to play, but couldn’t find. Until I made it.

Welllll, maybe not 2022. Probably January 2023.

I’m extremely proud of this game, and the only reason I have t released it yet is because I want to get a bit more experience before I do. I created a micro card game called STRANGER DANGER that takes place during the events of Dead End, but that’s from the perspective of a little girl, BEFORE she becomes a zombie. I’ll be using Stranger Danger as my first Kickstarter, and then if off goes to plan, I’m hoping to Kickstart Dead in early 2023.

Dead End is a solo, tower/hero defense game, where you play as 3-armed Bobby Butcher as he fights off dozens of zombies closing in on him. It’s meant to be a fast game with dark humor where you feel cornered but somehow manage to claw yourself to safety.

There’s all types of craziness. Chalk outlines of a dead dog, a zombie boy riding a zombie pig, strange items like Diseased Rats, Dented Cans, and even a Used Bandage. You can save or sacrifice Bystanders, resulting in good or bad Karma perks or penalties. You can even use Voice cards to help modify the cards in play. Point is, it’s lots of fun.

To keep up with Dead End and the other awesome games coming to my Deadverse, now’s the time to jump in.

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