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Wow. A lot has happened recently…

Let’s start with the most frustrating. I missed out on a job opportunity because of the name of my little zombie game. 🙄

Now, I knew the name, Stranger Danger, didn’t sit well with people, but my thought process was it’d weed out the people who aren’t interested in my type of content. I get it. My stuff’s not for everyone. As I’ve said before, this little girl is surrounded by zombies who are, to her, strangers. Obviously zombies are dangerous, soooo Stranger Danger, to me, is extremely fitting and thematically appropriate.

However, I didn’t anticipate potential employers judging me as a person, especially not after I’ve spent a decade writing for children, so that faults on me. You may be wondering how did they even know? Well, for about a two years leading up to Covid, my website/books were my income, so my website is on my resume… Kinda hard to keep the two separate at this point.

As a result of this, I have opted to change the name from Stranger Danger to Deadly Surroundings. I also decided to add more playable characters so you don’t have to play as this little girl if it makes you uncomfortable.

New (but not final) Cover

However, in the process of making these changes, I’ve added a lot of comically violent things to the game (being crushed by falling light poles, pelted by dead birds, hit by a runaway cadaver on a gurney…). Meaning I’m no longer comfortable with this little girl being on the receiving end of so much violence. Sooooo, she is no longer a playable character, and she can no longer be on the receiving end of this violence. She ALWAYS escapes, but the character you play as does not.

Furthermore (that’s such a silly word), the goal of the game is to FIRST save the little girl, and then to escape the shambling cluster of zombies, which is essentially still in line with why I created this game to begin with, so I’m content, and very excited to have turned a negative into such a wonderful opportunity.

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